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Thank you for viewing my blog.  Just a little about the author.

I am an environmental and land use attorney in the Boca Raton office of Nason, Yeager, Gerson, White & Lioce, P.A.  I represent clients from the public and private sectors involving issues such as:

  • Water supply permitting and water resource issues;
  • Wetland and environmental resource regulations;
  • Coastal management and construction;
  • Endangered species;
  • Sovereignty submerged lands;
  • Water and wastewater utility regulation;
  • Public-private partnerships;
  • Government procurement and bid protests;
  • State and local administrative procedures; and
  • Green building certification and sustainability.

I represent these clients before all five regional water management districts, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

I also represent clients on land use matters, including:

  • Site planning;
  • Rezoning;
  • Comprehensive plan amendments;
  • Variances;
  • Code Enforcement;
  • Concurrency;
  • Developments of Regional Impact;
  • Plats and all forms of easements; and
  • Green certification and local government compliance.

My experience includes drafting local ordinances and resolutions to comply with recently enacted environmental regulations and growth management laws.  Annually, I track state and federal legislation on environmental, local government and growth management issues and have drafted several bills or bill revisions at the state level.

I litigate environmental and land use cases in circuit courts, district courts of appeal and the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings representing clients seeking land use and development entitlement approvals.  I frequently lecture at conferences concerning environmental and water-related topics and am the published author of numerous industry related articles. I received my bachelor of science degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Florida and my Juris Doctor from the Shepard Broad Law Center, Nova Southeastern University.  

If you have an issue that you think I may be able to provide assistance, please contact my office by phone (561) 982-7114 or email at TMullin@NasonYeager.com.

4 Responses to About the Author

  1. Kristen Summers

    In one of your recent posts, you included a letter to the EPA written by the Secretary of the FDEP indicating a desire to have the EPA allow the state to regulate the nutrient criteria here in Florida. However, I was under the understanding that the FDEP had intervened a couple years ago on behalf of several environmental organizations to have the EPA come in a take control of the nutrient level regulations. Is the view in that letter consistent with the opinions of the DEP and/or other environmental organizations?
    Thank you

  2. Ms. Summers:

    Thanks for the comment. To answer your questions requires going back over the long history of the US EPA’s numeric nutrient criteria rulemaking process and the numerous lawsuits surrounding the federal and state water quality rules. The short response is that FDEP did not intervene on behalf of the environmental groups. FDEP was on its way, albeit slowly, to preparing state-level numeric nutrient rules. Several environmental groups sued the US EPA alleging that the existing narrative nutrient criteria in Florida did not meet the Clean Water Act. The EPA settled with the environmental groups, which initiated the federal NNC rulemaking. The State of Florida was not a party to that lawsuit, even though the state was the target. As a result of the lawsuit, the FDEP halted its rulemaking process, waiting to see what would come from the US EPA rules. Once the US EPA rules were published, Florida, and many other groups, sued the US EPA. Concurrently, the FDEP started its NNC rulemaking process back up, desiring to take control of the NNC process back from the US EPA. The letter you reference is from the FDEP asking the US EPA to accept the now-final FDEP rules in place of the federal rules.

    I recently posted an article that should answer any other questions you may have. Although the article is not short, it provides a detailed history of the NNC. The article can be found here. Feel free to contact me with any further questions. Thanks.

  3. Rosalyn Matthews

    Mr. Mullen,

    Thank you for publishing the summary article that you mentioned in your previous post. It was very helpful. I was wondering if there have been any updates to the DOAH Case No. 11-6137? I know the hearings were to be held in late Feb. – early Mar. but I had not heard if there has been a decision.

    Thank you

  4. Ms. Matthews:
    Thanks for your interest and comments.
    The final hearing on Case No. 11-6137 was held from February 27 through March 5, 2012. Since the hearing, the parties have filed post-hearing submittals and are awaiting the Final Order from the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).
    You may follow the docket at the Division of Administrative Hearing’s website at http://www.doah.state.fl.us/ALJ/ and enter the Case No. 11-6137. I will be posting a full analysis of the Order from the ALJ once it is issued. The Order should come late April or early May.
    Let me know if you have any further questions.

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